Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another great day for me!!

Hi guys whats up with you all? For the past 2 days i was busy posting this opportunities that Smorty gave me. I had to think what to write for the reviews of my posts and it was not easy it makes your brain drain. But still it has a good side though cause they pay you for it and i am hoping they will approve all the reviews i wrote for them.

But today, another great day for me because me and hubby went to T Mall after his appointment with the doctor. I applied for a job and they interviewed me right away. Thats was not easy though cause there are 4 people i had to deal with question and answer and interview took 2 hrs!!. But still i was kinda surprised cuz they gave me a 90% chance to work with them. The HR personnel told me to get my drug test tomorrow!! And if im clear then they will call me to start the job soon!!I will work as a cashier but its only seasonal, still good for me than to stay home all day and nothing to do but online and cant get real income. Im so happy today because i can help my hubby to pay our bills and i can send money back home for my family if ever they will hire me. God is so great!! He answers all my prayers.


  1. congrats Jack! enjoy ur job ha!ang cashier baya diha kay mao sad daw ang packer kaya exercise daan aron dili pamaulan!

  2. hi Jack, nice to hear you at last nana jud ka job hehe! Well target job is very easy jack than mine lol! You don't need to memorize the codes like mine tho..kaya mo yan jack at least mayrun na trabaho walang pilian basta trabaho lang hehe!go go go girls!