Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fix Auto

It's really nice to have your own car. You can drive anywhere you want without any hesitations. You dont have to ask your mom or dad or anyone to barrow a car. I really wish I know how to drive now. I am a outgoing type of person. For now I just take the bus to go somewhere especially when I go to work in the morning. My husband has to go to work too earlier than me so I have to take the bus. If only I have my own car and knows how to drive I wont hassle my husband to go somewhere and I dont want him to pick me up at work late at night.

Anyways, speaking of cars and if you think your car need to be fix and you live around Los Angeles then you can visit an auto body shop irvine. But before you do that, so no hassles or anything you can have an appointment set first online. All you have to do is click the highlighted link above and then it will lead you to their site.

I remember my hubby told me he needs to fix his suspension. Now that we are having a baby soon, we really to be more careful, extra careful for our safety especially the baby. I will surely tell him about this auto body shop so we dont have to worry our car when the baby arrives.

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