Thursday, September 2, 2010

Excited for 2 days off..

my last day of work for the week today and Im gonna work from 5-11pm and cant wait to finish the day so I can have 2 days off straight start tomorrow. I have plan to go shopping with Didi and with friend Ammie and her baby. Life here is so boring especially for me I dont have family and even my husband dont have one. Friends live far so we dont see each other that much.

Anyways, I dont feel like to go to work but I have to. If only husband is rich and I dont have to work and be a full time mom and wife Ill do it. But it will be hard for me more if Im not working, I cant buy what I want and what I want for my baby.

For some reason there are people who is not contented on what they have especially those who are rich and can afford everything and they dont have to work their ass off. Oh well, I guess thats how people is. I guess Ill be content on what I have and be happy on what I got.

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