Friday, November 11, 2011


Need a Liquid Nitrogen Freezer? well, you can find this freezer like the In2Freezer at I know some of you are looking for this kind of freezers for laboratory purposes. At the you can find a lot fo laboratory equipment just like I said the In2Freezer. They also provide Cryogenic Racking Systems like dewars, standard freezers and boxes.

The PRINCETON Cryogenics has the finest sales, the service, maintenance, and installation of cryobiological storage systems from Chart Industries & MVE. They are 20 years in pharmaceutical business and it has been tested and unsurpassed expertise in liquid nitrogen, cryogenic and cell culture storage, and as well as cryobiological preservation, cryogenic freezer controllers and alarm troubleshooting. So this company is in the premiere choice of major pharmaceutical laboratories, research institutions and universities for applied cryogenics system design.

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