Thursday, November 17, 2011

Riding Apparel

I have been dreaming of trying the horse riding. A friend of mine has been inviting me to try it one day but Im so busy with my work and the baby. Im so glad that in 2 weeks Ill be on vacation since I have lots of more vacation hours to use i will ta advantage my vacation and try the horse riding with my friend. Good thing that my friend is really into horse riding and buying lots of riding apparel and she gonna let me barrow some outfit since we are almost the size.

I have been actually looking for this kind of apparel. The riding apparel. My friend will surely love this website because it will give her more ideas what is the best apparel to wear for riding just like dressage apparel. She can also find the kerrits riding breeches that will surely fit for her and the best clothes to wear.

You can also check the best equestrian apparel brands for those who are in to riding games and hobbies. Im sure it will give you more idea on what to wear as riding apparel.

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