Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stop Loss Underwriting

Honestly, I didnt know about Stop Loss Underwriting until I have this assignment to make. So I have to do some research about Stop Loss Underwriting and I have learned that this is all about medical insurance, about evaluating, rating and sale of stop loss insurance.

I know insurance is very important to all of us. And Im so glad I have this benefit that my company is giving me after a year of working with them. As far as the Stop Loss Underwriting, many employers or companies is doing the self-insure their employees. Means, that they funded their own insurance plans by paying out their healthcare insurance claims of their companies.

However there are some cases that this will lead to a huge risk for the employers, it will lead to a a huge claims. To stop the risk or lower the risk this is where the Stop Loss Underwriting to stop loss insurance. Now, this is where they evaluating and rating of risk of huge claims because of major medical and long term inllnesses.

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