Friday, March 30, 2012


Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

I have been a nurse at a children’s hospital for fifteen years, and although I love it, I am ready for a change. I work twelve hour shifts and it makes for really long days. My uncle is a pediatrician and he just opened his own office really close to my house. He has been trying to talk me in to working for him for a little while now. I am really starting to consider it. I would have better hours and it is closer to my house than my current job is. I called my uncle and told him that I wanted to take him up on his offer. He said he would love to hire me and asked if I knew anything about setting up the internet. He still needed to set up internet at his new office. I told him that my husband went to smallbusiness.xo to set up internet for his business. My uncle said he was so glad that he asked and he knew that I would be good for more than just nursing. My uncle has always had a good sense of humor and I think that I am really going to enjoy working with him.

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