Saturday, March 24, 2012

Zenni Optical

I have been in to the computer lately and I start feeling dizzy every time I look at the monitor too long. I think I need eyeglasses now to prevent my eyes from the radiation. I heard staying in the computer and looking at the screen is not good but what can I do I have some work to do online.

 So I guess I have to get reading glasses and so I wont feel weird looking at the screen. Im so glad I found I'm s happy they have cheap reading eyeglasses but not cheap looking. I will go to the doctor get eye exam and if I know what kind of eyeglasses I need to wear then I will surely get a prescriptive eyeglasses for me. 

 So if you want to buy eyeglasses for you or for your parents please refer Zenni Optical and check their website I posted above.

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